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The Stain Coat Advantage

  • Waterproof and Seal Wood
  • Mildew Resistant
  • Shields Against U.V. Rays
  • Stabilizes Wood Color
  • Restores Weathered Wood
  • Professional Uniform Application
  • Up to a three year warranty against fading


Wood Defender

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why Should I Stain and Seal My Wood Fence or Outdoor Structure?

  • Before
    Unprotected, weathered fence.
  • Cleaning Process
    We use a low pressure pressure sodium chloride wash to clean the fence.
  • Halfway through
    The cleaning process kills mildew & mold without harming the integrity of the fence.
  • Staining
    We stain the fence with Wood Defender professional products.
  • Staining
    The stain process is continued around the entire fence.
  • Completed Project
    End result: a clean & protected stained fence.

A. You just finished spending between $2,000 and $6,000 on your new fence. It makes sense to protect your investment by weatherproofing your fence thereby extending the life of a your fence, deck or outdoor structure up to 15 years.

Q. What Steps Are Involved?

A. The slide show to the right demonstrates the process of cleaning an unfinished wood fence through staining & sealing the fence.

In the first image, the pickets have started turning gray. Several posts have warped, pickets are bowing. As the fence is cleaned using a low pressure sodium chloride wash and then stained, you can see the beauty of original fence reappear. The cleaning and staining process is applied to both sides of the fence. The stained fence looks as good or better than the original.

Q. Why Fence Staining is Important?

A. Wood left exposed to the elements will split, warp, and crack, if it is not protected. We have seen pressure treated lumber warp in as little as two weeks. Because pressure treated lumber is used to build almost all of the fences and decks here in the south, it is 300 to 500 times more likely to warp because of the chemicals it is saturated with to prevent it from rotting.

Most homeowners think that pressure-treated wood is protected from the elements, but they are just misinformed. Pressure-treated wood is treated to prevent against rotting and termite damage (for about 15 years). The wood and treatment does not prevent damage from the effects of weather.

The two biggest contributors of warping are sun and rain. Most damage occurs on fences and decks from April to October when days are the longest and the sun is the hottest. Rain causes the lumber to absorb water and the sun causes it to dry out. The result from this is expanding and contracting of the wood. When this happens, the lumber is generally damaged and has to be repaired by rebuilding the warped parts.

Graying, twisting, bowing, cracking, and splitting are all symptoms of wood damage and exposure.

Fences and decks that are not protected with Stain Coat's professional brand stains and sealers, can look bad and cost a significant amount of money to repair. Staining and sealing your wood fence can extend the live of your wood fence, deck or gazebo by up to 15 years. Repair costs can sometimes be as much as sealing your asset to begin with.

Q. When Should I Stain and Seal My Wood Fence?

A. Homeowners get themselves into trouble when they listen to advice to "wait a weeks or several months so the wood can dry out" before staining. An incredible amount of irreversible damage can occur even in the first few weeks after your fence or deck is built. Stain Coat's stain and sealers can be applied the SAME DAY that your deck or fence is installed.

Q. Will the cleaning or staining damage my shrubery or lawn?

A. We take great care in protecting everyting around the fence. Unlike regular paint sprayers, StainCoat uses special nozzles that keep the cleaning and staining limited to just the fence itself. Stain Coat uses a low pressure sodium chloride wash to clean your fence.

Q. How Much Will Staining and Sealing my Fence Cost?

A. Your new fence is installed, or your existing fence is cleaned and ready to be sealed. How much can you expect to pay? While each job is different, you can estimate that it will cost approximately 1/3 of what you would pay for a new fence. Call 601-939-8141 today for a FREE quote or contact us if you have other questions.